Lawman Heating and Cooling, Inc. Partners with America Saves Week

Last week (02/21/2022-02/25/2022), we proudly partnered with America Saves to provide excellent information and tools to our employees for America Saves Week.  The theme of the week was “Building Financial Resilience,” with each day focusing on a different important topic related to the week’s goal. In an effort to assist our employees in building financial resilience, we shared many great tools and resources that were prepared by America Saves for the occasion. However, equally important, we shared the many great benefits and resources available to our employees through the company that assist them in this goal, and that make Lawman stand out as an employer of choice in our community.

We spent time discussing how our Voluntary Insurances (Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity) help our employees and their families prepare and recover from financial setbacks due to illness. We also provided information on how all of our health insurance options allow our employees access to Health Savings Accounts, which help them pay for medical expense on a pre-tax basis, while also potentially saving for retirement.

On the subject of retirement, we discussed how our pension and 401(k) accounts, coupled with the many great tools built into them, ensure employees are saving for a healthy and happy retirement following their employment.

Throughout the week, we additionally explained the many great benefits that we provide all of our employees at no cost to them. This includes automatic enrollment into our Life Insurance plan, with options to purchase supplemental life insurance at excellent group rates. Knowing that every employee’s financial situation is different, and therefore their path towards financial resilience is different, we pointed out the great partnership we have with Pivot Employee Assistance Services. Pivot Employee Assistance Services provide our employees with free financial counseling and planning sessions with trained professionals. Beyond that, they also assist employees with other issues, including addiction, emotional distress, family issues, parenting challenges, relationship issues, stress, and work related issues.

One last benefit that we highlighted that we are particularly proud to provide to our employees, given the impact it has had and will continue to have on this subject is United Concierge Medicine. In 2021 alone, providing all employees access to a 24/7 virtual health care option, at no cost to them, has saved our employees a total of $24,688.00. This was the combined amount saved by our employees in medical costs and time not lost waiting at doctor’s offices for issues that can be treated, referred to specialist care, or require prescriptions over the phone. We are also happy to have added through United Concierge Medicine an option which provides 24/7 access to mental health professionals for counseling services.

While America Saves Week is only one week out of the year, we at Lawman strive to provide our employees with tools, resources, and benefits that help them with their wellbeing year-round. And while the focus of America Saves Week was building financial resiliency, it helps when the tools that assist with that also assist with physical and mental wellbeing at the same time.

If you’re a prospective employee, apply for positions we open throughout the spring and summer, and learn more about the many great benefits of being a Lawman employee!

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