We’re the team that takes your construction project and commercial maintenance further

For us, the job is never done. Even when things are finished on the construction site or at your corporate facility, we will continue to show our appreciation. Exceeding expectations and giving back to the community is what we’re about.

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What we bring to the table

Full Service

With Lawman on your team, you’ll no longer have to manage multiple contractors. From planning and scheduling to full electrical and HVAC capabilities, we’ll handle your entire design-build project or corporate maintenance program. Stop feeling like you are running a call center. Reduce your moving pieces and select a contractor that does it all.

Skilled Employees

We aren’t your average crew of technicians. We are seasoned and versatile. We bring our HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, general contracting, and utility expertise to every project. Beyond that, we manufacture our own roofing and HVAC ductwork in our sheet metal fabrication shops. We’ll focus on making your construction project or maintenance program more streamlined and headache-free.

Cost Savings

With our all-inclusive approach, we are focused on streamlining your project. By reducing the number of crews you have to manage, you can also reduce costly scheduling accidents and miscommunications. This not only saves your budget, but it will keep your multi-faceted project on track. Streamline your work, prevent those stress-induced headaches, and leave the rest to us.

Here’s what you can expect

Our company was founded by two men hungry for success. A lot has changed since we opened shop in 1978, but that hunger isn’t one of them. We’re here to get the job done on-time, under budget, and without any headaches. Thanks to the support of our communities and customers over the years, Lawman has grown into a full-service construction and corporate maintenance company. We work in New York, Virginia, and North Carolina -- and we don’t plan to stop there.

Things that mean a lot to us

We aren’t about ‘just getting it done’, we’re about getting it done right. As an independent company, we are committed to following through on our promises, giving back to our communities, and providing work that we are proud to stand behind. Here’s how we’d sum ourselves up.


Our people are the nucleus of who we are. We are family.


We have integrity and stand behind our work. 


Our team is down-to-earth, truthful, and realistic. We invest in our communities because they invested in us. We thank them for their support.


We deliver on our commitments in an organized and timely manner. We don’t believe in excuses.


We support our clients, trusted industry partners, and each other.

Our Team

Rewarding Opportunities at Lawman

At Lawman, we are proud of the superior craftsmanship of our work because it reflects who we are as individuals and an organization. We believe in giving our team members the space to excel through training, focus on entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring accountability and clear communication.


Let's team up! Tell us how we can help facilitate your project.

At Lawman Construction, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with quality people and quality services for all commercial construction projects. Call us at 315.646.2919 or complete the form below to contact us and let us know how we can partner with you to get your job done.