We’re your outlet for commercial electrical services. Certified by AGC and Local 910, we’ve got the power you need to install, terminate, or service your commercial electrical systems. 

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Electrical services: we’ll keep you turned on

Commercial electrical systems and commercial communication systems are complex. They need strategic solutions, electrical expertise, and safety-minded professionals. At Lawman, our electricians are certified, organized, and by-the-book. With versatile skills and a bunch of experience, we are quick thinkers that focus on project safety and efficiency.

General electrical services for your commercial project

  • Medium voltage electrical infrastructure
  • Power of primary volt side
  • Complete fire alarm system installation
  • Electric panel
  • Branch circuits
  • Cameras (the backbone for security systems)
  • Copper and fiber entrances

We are certified by AGC (Associate of General Contractors) and Local 910 International Local Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Underwriters Limited. Electrical services are currently available for Virginia and upstate New York. 

Electrical distribution: we’ll make the connection both outdoors and in

  • Underground power, and communication duct banks
  • Manhole and handhole installation
  • Installation, termination, and testing of medium voltage cable
  • Installation of pad mount transformers
  • Hi-Pot testing
  • Raceway and 600 volt and less wiring from pad mount transformer to switchboards and main distribution panels
  • Raceways and wiring to distribution panelboards
  • Branch circuit raceways, wiring, and device termination and testing

Interior and exterior lighting systems to brighten up your project

  • Installation of interior lighting
  • Installation and termination of lighting control systems
  • Installation of energy-saving lighting systems 
  • Installation of lighting contactors
  • Installation of site lighting, pole-mounted lighting, bases, and associated raceway and wiring
  • Installation of airfield and heliport lighting and visual navigation aids

Let’s talk commercial communication services: protective distribution system for SIPRNET communication systems

  • Certified HOLOCOM raceway installer
  • Installation of complete PDS system including raceway, drop boxes, and horizontal cabling

We can build telecommunication cabling systems, too

  • Installation of telecommunication equipment rooms
  • Layout and installation of cable pathways for horizontal copper and fiber optic cabling
  • Installation of copper and fiber optic backbone cabling
  • Installation and termination of horizontal cabling
  • ISP fiber testing
  • ISP category testing

Services for telecommunication outside plant system

  • Underground telecommunication duct bank including mandrel testing
  • Installation of telecommunication tracer wire, test points, and testing
  • Telecommunication manholes and handholes
  • Manhole and handhole racking and grounding
  • Installation, labeling, termination, and testing of up to 1800 pair copper cable and 144 SMOSP fiber optic cable
  • Copper and fiber optic splicing in manholes, central office, and end-user buildings
  • Copper and fiber optic testing
  • Copper and fiber optic throws of new cable to existing cable

Safety communications can save lives

  • Installation of fire alarm control panels, mass notification panels, and high expansion panels
  • Installation of class A and B raceways and wiring for FA and HEF initiation devices
  • Installation of class A and B raceways and wiring for notification devices
  • Installation and termination for all initiating, monitoring, and notification devices

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